Friday, November 9, 2012

Convert Outlook .msg to Thunderbird .eml

Most of ubuntu users have faced the same issue when client attach the outlook mails (.msg format) to your issue tracking system and you cannot open with the thunderbird. So all the time you need to open the .msg in the outlook client with windows environment. Don't worry !! There is a way to handle this  by running a small script you can convert the .msg format to .eml format and open in thunderbird. :)

Steps Given below.

  1. First of all you need to install the "Email::Outlook::Message" and "Email::LocalDelivery"
  2. Use the following command sudo apt-get install libemail-outlook-message-perl libemail-localdelivery-perl
  3. Once the installation is done you need to download the following file in to local folder
  4. Copy .msg file to the above location and run the following command ./ --mbox [desiredFilename].eml [currentFileName].msg
    ex. ./ --mbox myMail.eml myMail.msg
  5. Once above is done you can open the myMail.eml in thunderbird
  6. When you get the .msg attachment next time you can follow the step 4 onwards

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