Thursday, November 22, 2012

Track your modified files with Eclipse MyLin

I know how difficult for us to track files which we are working in a give task. Specially when we work on multiple issues where we cannot track modified files for each task. Lets see how Mylyn could support to over come this.

Mylyn is a subsystem of Eclipse for task management. Mylyn is an open source implementation of the Task-Focused Interface. It provides an application programming interface for tools embedding the task-focused interface.

Steps Give Below

  • Window → Show View → Mylyn → Task List
  • To create a new task press "New Task" (or right-click → New → Task. Select the "Local" repository
  • In the “New Task” field enter the Task / Issue ID
  • To start working on a task, select the Activate task button. This removes all elements from your Package Explorer View as you have not worked on anything yet.

  • Remove the task filter by clicking the Focus on Active Task button in the Package Explorer View. Now all files are displayed. If you open a file, it will be added to the context of your task. 

  • Check the modified files in the context tab

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